9 Essentials to Write an Effective Email Marketing Copy

9 Essentials to Write an Effective Email Marketing Copy

Email marketing is a long-standing, powerful marketing tool. Marketers and business people from every industry use it to reach their goals and improve their online presence. They rely on email marketing for increasing sales, raising brand awareness, promoting events, and so should you. This is why it’s crucial that you know how to write an effective email marketing copy.

Writing an email marketing copy can be easy if only you have the right strategy. Luckily, we’ve got your back. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about writing an email marketing copy. Here are our 9 essential steps.

Let’s take a closer look together.

Set One Clear Goal

Email marketing can be effective, as long as you know exactly what you wish to accomplish with each copy. It is also important to consider the specifics of your chosen mailing list provider, you can check the list of features to keep an eye for at AnimasMarketing.

Your goals need to be clear, and you have to focus on achieving a single goal per email copy. If you make it too complicated and focus on several different things, you’ll lose the attention of the reader.

So, set one clear goal for each email marketing copy, such as:

  • welcome a new subscriber
  • promote an upcoming event
  • offer a discount
  • inform on the new company policy

Whatever your goal is, make sure it’s clearly stated in your copy. Focus on a single goal and build your copy around it.

Show Your Brand Personality

Each email copy that you write needs to be consistent with your brand image and personality. You have to align all the elements of the email to support the image you’ve been building.

That includes:

  • your tone
  • your voice
  • the type of language you use
  • the way you address them

If you’re a brand whose target audience is teenagers, and your brand personality is friendly, open, and quirky- make sure they get the same impression from your email.

Adjust all the elements of the email to fit this brand image and stay consistent with your overall online presence strategy.

Write Compelling Subject Lines

In order to have people read your email marketing copies, you have to nail that subject line. Chances are, if the subject line isn’t working for them, they won’t even open the email.

To make sure the subject line get your audience to open the email, you should:

  • tell them why they should open the email
  • hint the benefits of the email
  • create a sense of urgency
  • awake the fear of missing out

Your subject line can either make you or break you, so make sure you do it right.

Use a Simple Structure

Most people aren’t thrilled with the idea of receiving emails they didn’t ask for. This is why you need to make sure they understand the purpose of your email immediately after they open it.

This way, if they understand why that email might be interesting to them, they’ll keep reading.

To make sure everyone instantly understands the content of your email, you need to make it scannable. Here’s how to do it:

  • use headlines and subheadings
  • write in short paragraphs
  • use bullet points and create lists
  • use bold and italics for the main information

Divide your content into smaller portions of text to make sure the receiver can immediately understand what’s it all about.

Use a Powerful CTA

Every email copy needs that extra push for the target audience to be captured by. You need to ensure they understand what desired action you want them to take.

A CTA button that is actually a clickable link is a must in your email marketing copy.

Create a CTA that is:

  • urging & inviting
  • clear and to the point
  • actionable
  • designed to stand out
  • short

Here’s a Netflix email with a CTA that is as clear as they get.

Make it Highly Visual

Visuals are another extremely important part of your email marketing strategy. They help you make your email copies more interesting and attention-grabbing.

So, when it comes to visuals, make sure that you:

  • use images and infographics
  • optimize them so as to speed the email loading time
  • use them to add value and information

Visuals aren’t there just to make things look pretty. They’re also there to help your target audience understand the email better and memorize it.

You should use compelling visuals to make each email copy more powerful and effective.

Go For a Simple Design

As we’ve already covered, it’s important that your email copy is easy to understand based on a single look your target audience makes.

If things are too complicated, they won’t be wasting their time to look into what you have to say.

Simplifying your design can help you achieve the desired effect. A simple design implies:

  • two-three colors
  • simple and easy to read fonts
  • background and content contrasts

The design of the email copy will help you get more people to read the email and spread your message further.

Perform A/B Testing

In email marketing, data is gold. Learning about your target audience can help you so much in your future email marketing ventures.

This is why you should perform A/B testing on your email marketing copies.

Here’s how it works:

  • select a target audience group and divide it into two portions
  • create an email marketing copy with a clear goal, and all the above-mentioned elements
  • create another copy by changing only a detail from the first one- the image, the CTA, the subject line, or anything else
  • send a version to each subdivision of the target group 
  • measure the conversion rate and learn which one worked better

This will help you learn so much about your target audience. Do they prefer bright or dark colors? Do they prefer CTAs that are funny or serious?

Use A/B testing to get to know your audience better and learn what type of email copies to create.

Check Your Accuracy

Finally, there’s one last thing you need to take care of before you send that email copy to your target audience. You need to check your accuracy and make sure everything is perfect.

Yes, perfect is the word we’re looking for.

As a professional, you can’t allow spelling or grammar mistakes to ruin your credibility. You need to polish your copy to perfection, and here’s how:

  • edit your copy several times
  • proofread yourself
  • ask someone else to proofread
  • use proofreading tools you can find online

You can even check out these writing companies that can help you perfect your copy. 

Make sure your copy is professional and polished in every sense possible.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, writing an email copy that converts and reaches its goals is challenging but absolutely doable. All you need is to create a strategy that covers all aspects of writing an effective email copy, and you’re good to go.

Hopefully, the tips we’ve shared above will help you write better email copies. Use them to upgrade your email writing strategy and get better results from each email.

Author’s bio. Daniela McVicker is a passionate digital marketer. Daniela is interested in everything related to SEO and blogging. She collaborates with Essayguard and other websites where she shares her experience and helps marketers make their names in the online world.


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