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Of emails were bad
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Save money on email marketing

Increase the sender reputation, deliverability & conversion rate of your emails by sending them only to real people.

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Increase ROI of your email campaigns

Stop spending money on spammy email addresses. Spend less by sending fewer emails thanks to the verified email list.

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Protect your domain reputation score

Spam traps and hard bounces kill your reputation. Get rid of them so your emails don't end up in spam folders anymore.

How we verify emails

Domain & SMTP validation

We check the ISPs and remove all emails with invalid, inactive, parked domains or invalid accounts.

Spam trap checker

Spam traps identify spammers and you don’t want to be one. We clean these traps to improve your reputation score.

emails cleaner

Get rid of trash email addresses that live short. We identify temporary emails so your future emails will reach the target.

domains checker

We spot domains that return valid for all emails. Skipping them will improve your open rates.

Syntax errors validator

Syntax error checker removes emails with invalid syntax. Notify your website users in real-time by implementing API.

Hard bounce checker

We send undetectable verifications to find out whether the email address really exists and can receive email messages.

MTA validator

Is there an email server responsible for accepting email messages? We run advanced checks to validate MX records.

Email duplicates remover

We detect and remove all duplicate emails. Don't spend credits on duplicate emails when sending your next campaign.

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23% of emails in your list may be bad

Improve deliverability of your next campaign

Based on billions of emails we checked, about 23% of emails in your list may be invalid. Don’t let them lower the deliverability of your emails and your reputation score. Get rid of them and boost the open rate and CTR of your cool email marketing campaigns.

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Implementation of EmaiListVerify API in forms

Email verification API

Catch bad emails before they get to database

Verify emails before they get to your database. Implement ELV’s real-time API into your website registration process, newsletter signup form and everywhere else you ask for emails.

Get your API key

Integration with your favorite email service

Save time by verifying your email lists directly in the tool you use for sending emails.

Mailchimp integration icon Mailchimp Aweber integration icon Aweber Mailerlite integration icon MailerLite Mailerlite integration icon Gist
Sendloop integration icon Sendloop SparkPost integration icon SparkPost MailGun integration icon MailGun See all integrations

Flexible pricing options

Get the package that suits your needs. 
No bull 💩

Guarantee: No monthly payments
Guarantee: Pay for what you need
Guarantee: API included
10,000,000 emails
$0.0003 / email
Save 93%!
5,000,000 emails
$0.0004 / email
Save 90%!
2,500,000 emails
$0.0005 / email
Save 88%!
1,000,000 emails
$0.0006 / email
Save 85%!
500,000 emails
$0.0009 / email
Save 78%!
250,000 emails
$0.0014 / email
Save 65%!
100,000 emails
$0.0017 / email
Save 58%!
50,000 emails
$0.0018 / email
Save 55%!
25,000 emails
$0.0020 / email
Save 50%!
10,000 emails
$0.0024 / email
Save 40%!
5,000 emails
$0.0030 / email
Save 25%!
1,000 emails
$0.0040 / email
Guarantee: Save up to 50%
Guarantee: You can cancel anytime
Guarantee: Great for API integration
emails / day
emails / day
emails / day
emails / day
emails / day
emails / day
Accepted credit cards: Vica, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Paypal

Fast. Reliable. Affordable.

Accurate bulk email validation shouldn’t cost a fortune. Rated 4.5/5 on Capterra

I like how easy the tool is to use and to be honest, it's fairly priced for the service that it provides. I've never really run into any issues when using the service.

Gabriela S.

Business Development Coordinator

What a pleasure to find a service that allows me to quickly and easily separate the wheat from the chaff. My email is now deviled without the hassle of needing to wade through hundreds of bounces.

Vincenzo S.

Hospital & Health Care

Exactly what was ordered. And the test of accuracy after the first list delivery: over 99.7%. That's what we needed, so we're pleased.

Joe R.

Marketing and Advertising

Our delivery rates jumped to 99.6% so the ROI of our email campaigns keeps growing. ELV does exactly what it's made for and the pricing is incredible compared to other tools.

Maros K.

Head of Marketing, Mangools

The user interface is easy to use and understand. I've verified about 50k email addresses with the tool, and been really happy with the overall experience so far.

Oskari M.

eCommerce entrepreneur

You are in a good company

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